70 year old Ernesto is from the southern part of Nicaragua. He has been enduring life with a serious case of bent knees in the fields, picking and planting.

He said has been living alone, working and taking care of himself. And in a country with limited resources, he learned to endure the pain.

Pre-op. Waiting for his new knees.

After a successful operation, our physio is teaching Ernesto the necessary exercises to speed his healing process.

He was relentlessly exercising to get better. Every time the translators asked him if he had pain, and if he wanted to stop, he confirmed he had pain but wanted to keep going.

He made it clear that he now has different kind of pain. Pain due to surgery, not because of the condition his knees are in.

He was getting out of bed and walking straight up with the help of his walker at the end the first day.

At the end of his 3 day recovery, he could walk around with crutches.

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